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The Piano Guys by TheVioletSunflower The Piano Guys :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 1 1
flywe to us
we           to
     w     s
on    i  g    we drew
                cks of           wrappers
on the ba
          t    i  l  n
when     w  r  i  g was an end
in itself
and              cared what
        no one                    other
                     people thought
back when we
and ba            as
             ll     in
and prince
our only          was how
to colour our picture
Today we live between the lines we've drawn,
Afraid to show each other our true face.
In our own lives we're no more than a pawn,
Too scared to even try to run the race.
The critics scoff and say that we are wrong
If we should ever try to liv
:iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 2 9
The Wisps of Memory
We are surrounded by wisps of memory. It lives in abandoned toys, in boarded-up buildings, and in out-of print magazines. Each seemingly unimportant item left behind by the passing of time is a small piece of life. Each item meant something to somebody once. Each was dearly loved. Each tells a long-forgotten story. Often, we ignore these things and go on our way, but sometimes, something as seemingly unimportant as a photograph will cause us to suddenly stop and re-evaluate everything. These things we pick up. We hold them. We put them somewhere safe and make them ours. For some unknown reason, they have touched us, and their stories become entwined with our own
Perhaps one of the reasons we are so drawn to old pictures is the questions they raise. Who are these people? What are they thinking? Why was the picture taken? How did their portrait come to be in a place where I happened to find it? I often find myself hoping I never find the answers to these questions. If the person in the p
:iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 2 1
Strings by TheVioletSunflower Strings :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 11 3 Behind my Mask by TheVioletSunflower Behind my Mask :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 1 2 Beaded Dalek by TheVioletSunflower Beaded Dalek :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 2 1 Bellatrix Lestrange by TheVioletSunflower Bellatrix Lestrange :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 0 1 Dare to be Different by TheVioletSunflower Dare to be Different :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 3 0 Frozen by TheVioletSunflower Frozen :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 4 6 Who's to say? by TheVioletSunflower Who's to say? :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 0 0 Eyes by TheVioletSunflower Eyes :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 3 4
Letters from the Front
Water pooled at the bottom of the foxhole. The last failing rays of evening pierced the thick smog and illuminated the hunched form of a soldier, clutching his knees in an attempt to conserve what little warmth he had. A shiver shook his body and he hugged his legs tighter to his chest.
From an inside pocket, he pulled a small photo. It was waterstained, crumpled, and slightly torn at the edges from the long months in his pocket, but the face of a smiling girl, about five, was still visible. He smiled back at her for a moment, then turned the picture to read the message printed in the untidy scrawl of a child: I love you, daddy. Come home soon.
He smiled, and gently touched his daughter's portrait, stroking her cheek. It had been a long time since he'd last written her a letter. He pulled a pen and a pad of paper from his rucksack, and, holding the picture in one hand and his pen in the other, began to write.
My dearest daughter,
I have thought of you every day. I miss you so much.
:iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 4 0
Final Light by TheVioletSunflower Final Light :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 2 5 Believe by TheVioletSunflower Believe :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 2 2 Raining by TheVioletSunflower Raining :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 1 0 Climbing by TheVioletSunflower Climbing :iconthevioletsunflower:TheVioletSunflower 3 6


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SMILE!!! You're beautiful! :D
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Once upon a time I was born.
I am now alive.
Some day I will die.
The End.


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